Bored in the holidays? Not with our daycamps!

We arr offering exciting daycamps for children ages 4-12 years. For the children its a joyful journey in a new world, far away from the stresses of everyday life. In fact, its loads of fun here with us!

Learn English—Learn German—Language Holidays—Holiday Courses in Hamburg

What do the kids need? Only time daily from 9 to 16:30! The camps are completely in English or in German. Previous knowledge of the language is however not required. After our daily excursions in the morning, we concentrate in the afternoon through different age appropriate activities and games on the children’s language development. Everyday along with our different themes, we use playful ways to bring the children into a natural way of speaking. The children recieve multiple opportunities to use their natural impulse to communicate in a foreign language. Through these opportunities the active language competence is strengthened and developed.


The children are divided up into age groups, so that the themes can be planned and carried out for the appropriate ages. While the younger children play more simple games, hear stories, color and craft to play and learn the language, the older children have more complex topics and discuss them in a foreign language. You will recieve a concrete plan before every camp week.

This way your children have not only an unforgettable holiday experience, but also will profit from the language input, and parents don’t have any worries about their child’s supervision during the school holidays, kita closures or while vacationing in Berlin.

Also, at the end of every camp week, there’s a special presentation for the parents, where the kids can present some of what they have learned—a great ending to an exciting week!

The activities vary from camp to camp and week to week so that is possible fort he children to participate in multiple camps. The more intense the language input, the better the child’s language abilities will be after the camp weeks.

We are excited to report more than 98,2% customer satisfaction from Summer 2019!

And: Maybe your child’s best friend also wants to join in our fun and games in the holiday? Then register them as well! Because vacation time is language time!

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