Our teachers have 3 books written in the Abrakadabra Method available to them. The books are written for each of the different age groups. The worksheets and materials remain in their base structure the same, and they differ little in complexity. With a high level or ability level, topics can be deepened through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each book contains a careful introduction of the Abrakadabra Method, plans for the play lessons and additional idea for our teachers.

In our Materials there are additional idea for games and play:


Depending on needs:

  • Game and craft ideas
  • Flashcards and posters
  • Rhymes and songs
  • Including our own Music CD that were specially put together for the best learning situation for children.

Through these additional materials, the basic materials are explained and remain up to date. Topics are chosen for each lesson depending on the interest of the child, for example: Animals, family, transport, and holidays.

All learning material is included in the course prices.

Every child receives a folder where they can collect, and practice at home. These materials come at no extra cost to you.