Learning a second language can improve not only a child’s opportunities in the future but can widen their perspective. In our globalized world, language competence makes the transition into a career and working life much easier.

Because of acquiring a foreign language early, your children will become more confident and independent, thus securing more possibilities for further education. This additionally saves your child time and energy that your child could use to focus on developing in other subjects in the future.


Multilingual in the Future

Children who grow up in a bilingual household are particularly inclined to learn a third language without the difficulties typically found when learning a second language. Later in life, learning a new language is much more time and energy consuming. Young children are like sponges, able to absorb a new language much easier.

We want children, who don’t have the chance to grow up bilingual at home, to have the same chance to benefit from all the positive aspects of learning a second language through play early in life.